Our Staff 2021-2022

More pictures of our staff will be uploaded during our August Inservice days: Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th August

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs Caroline Ashbrook

Depute Head Teacher: Miss Sara Gordon

Principal Teacher: Mrs Elaine Mitchell

Business Manager: Mrs Laura McWhinnie

Teaching Staff

Primary 1 – Miss Wylie, Miss Carey (Tues)

Primary 2/1 – Miss Carey (W, Th, Fri), Mrs Mitchell (M, T)

Primary 2 – Miss Howie

Primary 3 – Mrs Hagart

Primary 4/3 – Miss Hannah Jones

Primary 4 – Miss Cowie (M,T, Th, Fri), Miss Judges (W)

Primary 5 – Ms Fraser (M,W,Th,Fri), Miss Judges (Tues)

Primary 5 – Miss Leyland (M, Tu, W), Ms Green (Th, Fri)

Primary 6– Ms Turek

Primary 7 – Miss Ferguson

Primary 7 – Miss McMillan

Support for Learning – Miss Gordon DHT lead, Ms Green (T, W,), Mrs Berry (Th, Fri)


PE – Ms Alejandra Martinez & Miss Leyland

Brass Instructor – Mr Finlay Hetherington

Violin Instructor – Mr Mark Owen


Nursery Early years Officer – Mrs Nikki Morgan

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Sarengi

Early Years Practitioner – Miss Sara Coghill

Early Years Practitioner – Miss Amberley Caldwell

Early Years Assistant – Mr Sam Weston

Domestic Assistant – Miss Stacey Malcolm

Support staff

School Administrator – Mrs Emma Moore

Service Support Officer – Mr Peter Clark

Pupil Support Officer – Mrs Lynn Murrell

Pupil Support Assistant – Mrs Odette Bell

Pupil Support Assistant – Mrs Karen Clark

Pupil Support Assistant – Mrs Jennifer Dallas

Pupil Support Assistant – Ms Sharon Davidson

Pupil Support Assistant -Miss Belen Gonzales

Pupil Support Assistant -Mrs Vimi Lomax