Welcome to Stockbridge Primary

Our whole school community will strive to enable everyone to be successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

Our school values:

  • We are always learning.
  • We give time to listen, think and talk.
  • We are all given the chance to do our best.
  • We treat everyone as we wish to be treated.
  • We value and respect our school community and care for others and the world we belong to.

August 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope you child enjoyed their first week back. Please find attached our school newsletter for August.  It would be really helpful if you would add all key dates to your diary. These dates can also be found on the school website.

I would also like to highlight that on Tuesday the 29thAugust (5.30 – 7pm drop in) council representatives will be hosting an information evening in the school hall to share information about the plans for the rising roll extension which is due to be built by August 2018.  This will be followed by our first parent council meeting of the year at 7pm.  All parents are warmly invited to attend both events.

Parent should also be aware that all school trips and visiting artists will now be paid for by parentpay.  In previous years we have used a termly or one off payment system but unfortunately our new electronic system does not allow for this.  As such, you will be asked to contribute for any trips and visiting this and if we are going to continue to offer enriching activities we need to cover the costs.

Best wishes,

Faye Calder-Kelly


Newsletter – August 2017

Summer Fair Thank You

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you so much to all of you who came and supported our Summer Fair on Saturday, in spite of the ominous weather forecast.  Luckily the rain stayed away and we hope you enjoyed the games, food and entertainment.

We are still totting up our final sums, but the provisional profit from the event is around £3500 – a fantastic total! These funds will be used to help the school provide resources and activities to benefit every child at the school –  over the last year our fundraising has paid for musical instruments, gardening resources, library and IT equipment among other things.

As always there are a huge number of THANK YOUs to offer for making the fair so great:

  •  Pizza Express, Stockbridge for donating pizza ingredients
  • Daddy Daycare for sponsoring and staffing the inflatables
  • Smart Cookies After school club for helping with the raffle
  • Osman & Empire restaurant for the kind donation to international food, and all the other parents who contributed to the lovely spread
  • All the local business who generously donated prizes for the raffle
  • The Scouts for lending a hand at our games

Thank you to the army of parents, families and staff who baked, cooked, sold, built gazebos, lifted, carried, BBQ’d and many more jobs – without these helpers the Fair simply cannot happen and we are so grateful to everyone who gave their time.

Finally thank you to all of you for coming along and contributing to the success of the Fair.

Best wishes,

The Summer Fair team

Stockbridge Update – June 2017


I am delighted to announce that Mrs Burton has been appointed as the seconded Depute Headteacher at Flora Stevenson Primary for 12 months from August.  It will be a huge loss to the school as Mrs Burton is highly valued by staff and pupils.  She has been both a parent and member of staff at Stockbridge for very many years.  I am sure you will join with me in wishing her well with her new challenge. I will be interviewing for her post next week and will be able to confirm staffing for 17-18 following this process.



Friday 16th June – Primary 1 Assembly 9.15am (P1 parents invited)

Monday 19th June – Primary 5 Assembly 9.15am (P5 parents invited)

20-22 June – P7 Transition Days at High School

Wednesday 21 June – All classes to visit new classes and meet their teacher for 17-18

Thursday 22 June – P3/4 and P4 Titanic Exhibition (P3/4 and P4 parents invited)

Thursday 22 June  – End of Year Disco (6-7 P1-3  & 7.15-8.30 P4-7)

Monday 26 June – P3 Trip to Cinema

Tuesday 27 June – P7 Leavers Show 6pm (P7 parents invited)

Wednesday 28 June – End of term assembly at Stockbridge Parish Church 1.45pm (all parents invited)

Thursday 29 June – P5 Trip to Stirling Castle

Thursday 29 June – P7 Leavers Disco

Friday 30 June – P7 Leavers Assembly 11am (P7 parents invited)




From Tuesday 18th April to Friday 25th May

What will this look like for my child?

Addition and subtraction within Early Level (Nursery and P1, but earlier or later for some)

  • Count items in one collection
  • Establish a collection of a given numerosity (e.g. get me 6 counters from the group)
  • Count items in two collections
  • Count items in two collections
  • With first collection screened
  • With second collection screened
  • With both collections screened
  • Explore adding using a count-on strategy
  • Explore doubles and near doubles
  • Know doubles (1 to 5)

Addition and subtraction within First Level (P2, P3 & P4, but earlier or later for some)

  • Add using a count-on strategy
  • Subtract using a count-on or count-back strategy (e.g for 5 – 3, count on from 3 to 5 or count back from 5 to 3)
  • Use doubles (and near doubles) in addition sums
  • Add numbers to 20 using number bond facts, bridging through ten, doubles and near-doubles
  • Subtract numbers to 20 using counting back, number bond facts, bridging through tens
  • Add 3 numbers together (e.g. 7 + 2 + 6)
  • Know and use addition and subtraction family facts (e.g. 6+3=9, 3+6=9, 9-3=6, 9-6=3)
  • Add on multiples of ten to a 2-digit number (e.g. 45 + 20)
  • Subtract multiples of ten from a 2-digit number (e.g. 72 – 40)
  • Add tens and units with no regrouping (e.g. 34 + 21)
  • Subtract tens and units with no regrouping (e.g. 76 – 35)
  • Add tens and units with regrouping (e.g. 65 + 27)

Subtract tens and units with regrouping (e.g. 51 – 38)

Addition and subtraction within Second Level (P5, P6 & P7, but earlier or later for some)

  • Add and subtract 2-digit numbers using a variety of strategies
  • Add and subtract multiples of ten and hundred (e.g. 300 + 520)
  • Use a variety of strategies to find a pair of numbers that add to make 100 (e.g. “What goes with 63 to make 100?”)
  • Add and subtract 3-digit numbers using a variety of mental/written strategies e.g. 477+8, 534+40, 624-200 (mental) and 751-36, 621+185 (written)
  • Identify the number partner to go with a decimal tenth to make one (e.g. “What goes with 0.3 to make 1?”)
  • Identify the number partner to go with a decimal hundredth to make one (e.g. “What goes with 0.37 to make 1?”)
  • Add and subtract decimal numbers using a variety of (written) strategies
  • Add and subtract simple fractions e.g. ½ + ¼

Primary 7 – Elections

Primary 7 have been learning about the Scottish Parliament this term. As part of their project they have created political party groups. They are running for election on Monday 20th March in front of the school. Each group has a Party Political Broadcast (PPB) which highlights some of their key areas within their manifestos. Each political party will be asked questions by the voters.

Have a look at the Party Political Broadcasts and take part in our poll to let us know who you think you’d like to see in power.

Good luck Primary 7!


Scottish Biodiversity Party (SBP) – Lilla, Olivia and Vera


Scottish Equality Party (SEP) – Jay, Lawrence, Pedro and Thomas

Scottish Environmental Educational Party (SEEP) – Adam, Danny, Finlay CN and Robert


Scottish Fairtrade Party (SFP) – Finlay W, Lachlan, Nicholas and Witek


Scottish Life Party (SLP) – Aimee, Beau, Lexy and Savanna


Scottish Liberal Socalists (SLS) – Daniel, Marcelo, Ross and Sophia