Parent Council

The Parent Council has it’s own website at, where you’ll find out what we do and how to get involved!

All parents and carers are members of the Parent Forum. The Parent Council’s job is to communicate the view of the Forum to the Head Teacher and where appropriate, to the wider community.

What is the Parent Council? What does Parent Council talk about?

The Parent Council represents the views of all parents and carers (“the Parent Forum”) to school leaders and to the wider community.     All parents and carers are welcome to attend, whether you have an idea or suggestion to contribute, or simply wish to hear more about what’s happening in school.

If you have a personal concern, it’s better to raise this directly with your child’s teacher.

Who is on the Council?

There are 1 or 2 Class Representatives from each class, including the nursery.  The Head Teacher also attends Council meetings to report on school news and respond to issues being discussed.