Literacy and Dyslexia

Welcome to our page about literacy interventions and the identification of dyslexia.

During Scottish Dyslexia Awareness Week we have been highlighting how dyslexia feels and how we can help our friends. Every child in the school has watched the short film below.

This year our Primary 6 pupils have taken on the role of Dyslexia Ambassadors. They have created posters and wall displays around the school. The children have also visited every class to share a talk with the children and invite them to wear a blue dyslexia ribbon.

At the end of Scottish Dyslexia Awareness week our Dyslexia Ambassadors created an assembly to share with the school. We would be delighted if you would view the assembly below.

Stockbridge Blether

As part of our focus on dyslexia we were delighted to invite parents to our first “Stockbridge Blether”. We have included the PowerPoint below. Please take some time to look at the information provided below about the identification process at Stockbridge. You can hear the presentation by clicking on the speaker image on each slide.