Language & Literacy

Language is developed through a programme of work involving listening, talking, reading and writing.

Opportunities are sought to encourage and celebrate children’s achievement in all aspects of language work. For example; entering writing competitions, display of writing in class, creating booklets for younger readers, performances of poetry and plays to name but a few.

Beginning in nursery, teachers create a rich language environment. Literacy skills are taught through a multi sensory approach. Parents are invited to school to hear about our literacy programme in detail and a support pack has been created to guide parents in helping with homework at this crucial stage. Learning assistants are assigned to P1 and P2 for literacy support.

In school, the emphasis in our teaching of reading is on achieving a balance between developing strategies for decoding text and the search for meaning. We teach reading in a systematic, structured way.

Each class has it’s own library and children can choose from a wide range of fiction and information books. We also have an annual Book Fair and author/ storyteller visits are arranged regularly. We have close links with the local library next door.

In written language the children are encouraged to write fluently and effectively for a range of purposes. Pupils are introduced to different styles of writing and are encouraged to self and peer assess their writing. The necessary skills of spelling, punctuation, language structure and cursive handwriting are taught in a systematic way.