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Deferral for P1

Please see below information for families regarding a deferral for P1 2022:

Opening Hours

Monday- Thursday: Drop off 8.30am – 9am, Pick up 2.30pm – 3pm

Friday: Drop off 8.30am – 9am, Pick up 12.00pm – 12.30pm

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions these times may vary.

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Realising the ambition

Want to know more about how we run in the Nursery? We follow the national guidance ‘Realising the Ambition’, an excellent insight into the framework we use to continue to develop our Nursery.

Information for Prospective Parents From City of Edinburgh

  • The Scottish Government published guidance on 30th July to support early years settings reopening at the start of the new school term in August.  This guidance sets out the requirements necessary to limit the transmission of COVID 19.  Settings will not be able to return to “normal” as it will still be important to limit contacts for children and adults.  The guidance states that for this to be managed, children should be in groups up to the size encountered in primary school, i.e. 25 to 30 children with more than one group able to attend nursery at any one time if the nursery is big enough.  However, the groups will need to be kept apart at all times both indoors and outdoors.  This requirement means the occupancy level of some of our early years` settings will be significantly reduced and this has had an impact on our ability to provide places.
  • The local authority does meet its legislative duty to provide Early Learning and Childcare to all eligible children within the city.  However, they cannot always guarantee your preferred choice of placement or that this will be within your local community. Although they would always try to accommodate parental requests in some situations this may mean travelling to secure a nursery place.