Swan Savers

In collaboration with the Capital Credit Union opposite the school, we operate a school savings initiative called the Swan Savers Credit Union. Our aim is to promote positive saving habits within our school community. All children at the school are invited to set up a savings account in which they are able to save their pocket money or money from special occasions. The children are welcome to save when and what amount suits.

Volunteers from P6 and P7 are recruited and trained as Swan Saver staff and are supported by a small team of parent helpers. We are pleased to announce that following interview by myself, Emily Simpson and Sophia Harkess in P7, 4 new Tellers have been appointed to help run our school bank, they are Nicholas Viatte Smith in P7, Eva Crowhurst, Ines Cordova Secchi and Lucia Price from P6. Swan Savers will start again on Thursday 27th October and run once a fortnight on Thursdays at 9 am. A ParentMail is sent out notifying all parents of the next collection day when children are invited to bring in any money they wish to pay-in to their accounts.

If you would like to open an account, please complete the attached application form which provides us with your child’s details and the appropriate parental permission. The school will then sign the form to confirm that your child attends Stockbridge Primary School and will organise for your child’s account to be set up. The children receive a pass-book, membership card and a wallet to keep everything in.

Happy saving!

Amanda Burton (Acting Head Teacher)

Emily Simpson & Alison Franks (Parent Helpers)

Sophia, Nicholas, Eva, Ines & Lucia (Pupil Tellers)


Applying to be a Swan Saver. Click on the link below to view the application form

Swan Savers Application Form