Stockbridge Blether

Blether Topics – 2022-23:

Stockbridge families are warmly welcomed to our coffee morning and blether on Friday 9th December. Following our parent/carer survey last term, the most popular choices were Positive strategies for Managing Behaviour and Regulation and helping your child with Anxiety and Resilience. Miss Gordon, our DHT, will be sharing resources and ideas at our coffee morning. Come into listen and stay for a blether.

Blether Topics – 2021-22:

Dyslexia: 3rd November 2021 – Miss Gordon, our DHT and Ms Green, our SFL teacher will take you through how we identify dyslexia and what we are doing in school to both support and celebrate our children with an identification of dyslexia.

Online safety and creating a creating and digital partnership at home. Term 3 – 2 sessions. Guest speaker. Dates TBC. After 2 lockdowns, have you found that the lines are now blurred with your child’s screen time? Do you feel out of your depth with what your child may be accessing and want to help create boundaries and a digitally safe environment? If so, we’d love to see you at this blether!

Equalities an Anti-bullying – March 2022: Come along to find out what we are doing in school to promote anti bullying and equalities. Our pupils will be updating you on what we are doing and what we plan to do next!

Nursery to P1 Transition – Term 4: Come along and find out about transition form Nursery to P1. We are so excited about your child starting with us in P1. We have lots of helpful information to share and will be happy to answer all your questions.