Parent Staff Association

Please consider supporting our Parent School Association.

They are a very important part of what we are able to achieve here at Stockbridge. They organize a series of social events, which promote a sense of community as well as raising highly significant additional funding for the school.

The school’s budget is very limited and has decreased in real terms over recent years. The money raised for the school by the PSA often more than doubles the expendable budget available to the school. As you can imagine this makes a huge difference to the whole school community.

As a parent of the school in the past and as a Teacher I have been involved as a member of the PSA (Formerly PTA) for almost 20 years and I have seen first hand what a difference their work makes.

We are all busy people with demanding jobs and family commitments and I, as a parent know how precious family time is. However we are currently at crisis point with our PSA. In the last year we have lost our hugely wide ranging and successful After School Activities Programme as no one came forward to help run it. Our current Chair and Treasurers have been attempting to step down for over a year but have stayed in post as no-one has come forward to take over.

The fantastic calendar of events, such as the Halloween Night, Christmas Fair, Raffle, Ceilidh and Summer Fair are all organized and run by our PSA. Every Parent and staff member at Stockbridge are automatically members of the PSA, however we do need active committee members to enable the PSA to function properly.

Current office bearers are happy to support anyone willing to take on the roles of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. In the past these roles have been successfully job shared to reduce the workload for individuals.

Here is a list of just some of the things we have been able to buy for the school due to money raised by the PSA.

  • Projectors and Smart Boards
  • Sound System and projector and screen in the hall
  • I pads
  • Hobs and Cooking equipment
  • Class Cameras
  • Golden Time Games
  • Visiting specialists for special events such as Dance, Drama, Music and Art
  • Art materials for House Events
  • Resources for Diversity Day
  • Trim Trail
  • Partial Funding of the Sound Garden
  • Safe surface in the Nursery Playground
  • Chickens and chicken run in the Nursery
  • Gym equipment
  • Wooden benches for gym
  • Mats for gymnastics
  • Playground games
  • Plants for the garden
  • CD Players for classes
  • Musical instruments – drums, keyboards and percussion
  • Repair of the schools stock of brass instruments
  • Christmas trees and lights for the hall and Nursery

If we lose our PSA it is our children who will be impacted. We need your help!

Please consider if you are able to step up and continue to help us provide some of these very important additional resources for the benefit of the whole school community. If you think you can help, please contact Pippa Van Schagen (Mum of Freddie and Bella P4)

Thank You.

Amanda Burton

Acting Head Teacher

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