Covid 19 Information

NHS Warn and Inform Letters:

Coronavirus: NHS Inform Guidance for Individuals with Possible Coronavirus Infection

  1. Outwith school hours (3.30pm to 8am and weekends), parents should use the following e-mail inbox to advise us of Covid cases. Please also copy in our school email address:
  2. During school hours, please continue to report all Covid cases  to in the usual way.
  3. When reporting a positive case, please provide the required information below.
Pupil or Staff? 
Date of Birth 
Date positive test was taken 
LFD or PCR? 
Date the symptoms started 
What were the symptoms? (or write “None”) 
Infectious period start date(2 days before symptom onset date or positive test date if asymptomatic) 
Last day in School/EY Setting 
In school while infectious? 
Isolation end date (can return to school the day after this if feeling well) 
Any siblings? Which classes? 

We are currently experiencing higher than normal levels of staff absence. The school leadership team is teaching classes. We will respond to enquiries as soon as we can. Please limit school enquiries to essential only at this time.

21.01.22 UPDATE

Reminder: Covid isolation rules 

If your child has Covid, isolation is still 10 days from the date of the test. Isolation may be reduced to 7 days if you record a negative LFT home Covid test on Day 6 and Day 7 . The tests must be taken more than 24 hours apart. Your child must have no fever. The flow charts and further information below may help. Full information at…

  • There are many other winter viruses circulating currently, so please do not send your child to school if they are unwell as per our usual school illness policy. This includes the advice that pupils should have been fever-free for 48hrs (and free of diarrhoea/vomiting symptoms for 48hrs if applicable) and well enough to be at school. If your child is unwell in school, we will contact you and ask you to take them home. 
  • This NHS document on our school website provides guidance on absence for different types of childhood illness:

Anyone not in these categories but still looking for support should visit

Support for those at high COVID-19 risk

National helpline established for those who do not have family or community support.

The helpline – 0800 111 4000 – will initially operate during core working hours of 09:00 to 17:00 while plans are developed and implemented to extend it to operate for a longer period each day.

Callers will be automatically connected to their local authority who will support them to access the service they need, such as:

  • essential food and medication
  • links to local social work services for vulnerable children or adults
  • emotional support
  • contact with local volunteer groups.