Aviva Grants Voting – Please help the school get £2000 of funding for iPads and STEM Resources

Over the past few years the school has been successful in getting grants for various projects from the Aviva community fund – we have had 4 different grants in total worth £4000 awarded over 3 years for iPads, playground markings, playground stage and some new playground equipment (still to be purchased following the building work). The Parent Council and Friends of Stockbridge School are applying for a grant of £1000 each this year with one to fund new iPads and the other for STEM equipment.


Voting is easy, and takes only 2 minutes, or even less if you’ve previously voted and have an Aviva login. The links to the 2 different projects for voting are below, or within the Aviva Community fund site if you search for ‘Stockbridge’ you will find the 2 projects.

STEM for Stockbridge – https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/voting/project/view/4-2518

Stockbridge digital skills for life: New ipads – https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/voting/project/view/4-2684

Based on past experience we need over 100 people to vote (equivalent to 1000 votes) for each project to be successful so we need as many people as possible to vote, and all your friends and relatives can vote as well. Please help us by sharing the links to family and friends to help us secure this funding.

We will send out further reminders before voting closes in about 4 weeks and will also hand out flyers to remind people.

Your help and co-operation is much appreciated 🙂

Stockbridge Primary School

Summer Fair

Summer Fair

Saturday 9 June 12-2pm
Come along for some family fun! £2 adults, under 16s free. Bring cash to spend/exchange for tokens.
  • Balloon modelling
  • Bar
  • BBQ
  • Dress up photo booth
  • Face painting
  • Glitter & temporary transfer tattoos
  • Home baking
  • Ice cream
  • Inflatable obstacle course
  • International food stall
  • Mr Eion coffee
  • Musical entertainment
  • Outdoor games
  • Raffle
  • Slime workshop
  • Toasties
  • Tombola
  • Toys/books/games/kids clothes stalls

Burns Ceilidh

A massive thank you to the PSA Events team for a wonderfully fun evening with lots of dancing! Thanks also to Ceilidh Kids for keeping us right with the steps. Thanks to everyone that came along and supported the family event.

P7 Benmore Camp – Day 3

After breakfast, chores and dorm inspections, we met our instructor to get going with our first activity.

Group 6
We had an adventure packed day today! We started at the climbing wall. We got a bit of practise on the indoor walls but quickly proved how capable we were and so it was off to the quarry! I was so impressed with how well the group supported one another and proud of those that faced their fear of heights.

After lunch we went out canoeing on the Loch. We had great fun playing head shoulders knees and toes and battleships. We all managed to stay fairly dry….apart from Miss Stewart who fell in 3 times!

Group 7
We tackled the bikes first thing this morning. We learned a few skills such as slow peddling, body weight challenges and bum on a wheel. We did the trails through puddle lane, attempting to get every puddle on the way and seeing who was the wettest and the muddiest! We played fox and hound as well.

We went climbing on the climbing wall this afternoon. We were put through our paces going across the wall using different moves. We all managed to get up to the top of the climbing wall. We all did the abseil down the wall and then some managed the extra challenge of the overhang.

Group 8
We went orienteering first thing this morning. We started off with a challenge in pairs to draw a map of the library. We then had to use a map of the centre to find letters hidden inside and outside of the building. After managing to unscramble these, we used electronic tags to find different posts outside the centre to and complete the course first! We spent a little time on the low ropes course together with some other challenges.

Wow! What an afternoon we had. Everyone had an amazing time on the mountain bikes and what enthusiasm and energy we had! We loved tearing down puddle lane, going through the mud, racing through the forests and other trails.

We had tea and cake and enjoyed some free time before dinner. We went to the tuck shop and wrote our diaries. We worked with Bonaly in a team game of Cluedo where we had to find clues hidden in the ground floor rooms. Everyone got to sleep really well.

P7 Benmore Camp – Day 2

After breakfast of cereal/ porridge/ fruit and scrambled egg/ bacon/ toast, it was the first dorm inspection of the week. Very good scores today, but room for improvement! We then met our instructor to find out what we were doing for the day.

Group 6

Group 6 started with orienteering today-the perfect chance to explore the grounds! Whilst we found using a map tricky to begin with, we soon picked it up and had some record times for finding all the map points!

After lunch we went mountain biking. It was fantastic fun racing through all the puddles on ‘puddle lane’. We then had the opportunity to stop by the river for a stone skipping competition. The toughest challenge of all was the slow motion cycling competition- the last person to cross the line wins! Some great balancing and perseverance across the group!

Group 7
This morning Group 7 started in the beautiful gorge. Everyone worked together, although there were challenges and the cold to work through. Some loved the water slides and dunking their head under the water!

In the afternoon they went orienteering. Each competed against each other using maps and their navigational skills. The final challenge was to work together and demonstrate their map skills getting the group through the forest and back to Benmore.

Group 8
Group 8 had a forest morning in the morning. Everyone took it in turns to lead the group scrambling up the forest hill. Some parts took careful navigating! Everyone had a great time sliding down the tunnels and we enjoyed some hot chocolate to warm us up.

This afternoon we tackled the gorge. Even though a few people were nervous about this as they didn’t know what to expect everyone gave it a great go! We encountered lots of challenges along the way, including the balance beam and along the rock wall without getting our feet wet. I was very proud and impressed as everyone in the group tried the keyhole, which is the biggest challenge of the gorge. We continued to make our way through the gorge getting wet along the way!

After tea and cake everyone had a bit of free time. Dinner was spaghetti bolognese followed by apple crumble. We went to the tuck shop for the first time and also wrote in our diaries about our camp experience so far. Our evening activity was a quiz. We were in groups with pupils from Bonaly finding information from all over the centre. Everyone settled well for a good nights sleep!

School Update – January 2017

School News Update January 2017


Dear Parent/Carer


Burns Celebration

On Friday we will be celebrating Scottish culture with our Burns Assembly.  We will start our day with a whole school ceilidh in the playground.  Parents are welcome to congregate in the biggies playground to watch this event.


Visual Support Project

On our January In-Service day all staff attended training on using visuals to support learners in school.  As we progress through the term you will see a much more uniform approach to the using of visuals around the school.  Please find attached some information on the purpose of this project and how visuals can support all learners.

Visual Support – Letter to Parents

Victorian School Day

On Friday the 10th February we will be celebrating our 140th anniversary as a school with a Victorian School Day.  The children will be encouraged to bring a penny to school to pay for their school day and wear a Victorian costume if possible.  Please do not buy an outfit for this occasion.  I have cut and paste some ideas which incorporate items commonly found in the house below.  Please don’t worry if you don’t have these items.  A long skirt and blouse for girls and trousers and a shirt for a boy will look great.  However, you are welcome to be as creative as you have time to be and inspired to be!

Chimney sweep costume

Ruggedly cut the bottoms off some brown or grey trousers, which they can wear with plimsolls. Add a scruffy white shirt; you could dye one in tea to make look more authentic! (To do this add a tea bag to a bucket of warm water and soak the shirt in it.) Put some dirt or brown/black face paint on their face and hands to make it look like they’ve been up a chimney. Accessorise with a flat cap and, of course, with a ‘sweeping brush’.

Victorian girl costume

A long, dark-coloured dress or skirt with a long sleeved blouse. Add a shawl around the shoulders and a head scarf around the head to accessorise, all of which you should be able to find in a charity shop no problem! If you can’t get a long dark dress/skirt for a child, get a knee-length adult one and tighten the waist with a belt. Plimsolls or ballet pumps on the feet would be ideal

Victorian boy costume

If you have taken your child to a wedding and gone for the whole suited and booted attire you’ll probably have most of what you need for this to hand. Go for dark trousers, a dark coloured waistcoat and a white or cream shirt. Fasten on a bow tie or tie an adult tie into a bow around the neck. Possibly make a paper top hat? School shoes on the feet are fine.

Yours sincerely,

Faye Calder-Kelly

Head Teacherl