Food 4 Food February

Malawi is experiencing famine.

Many of the children are suffering and not attending school as a result.

Every child has the right to food.

Article 24 – Every child has the right to the best possible health. Governments must provide good quality health care, clean water, nutritious food and a clean environment so that children can stay healthy. Richer countries must help poorer countries achieve this.

The famine has been brought about as a result of the floods last January which devastated crops. This also means as they are mainly farmers their income and ability to buy food which has gone up in price is affected.

Please help us by giving up a treat, a chocolate bar, bag of popcorn, meal out etc and donate the money to Mpeni to help buy food for the children.

Mpeni Primary have been visited by a local member of parliament who brought 20 sacks of maize. This is enough to feed 60 children, but the school has almost 400 learners so they need more help.

Mrs Burton will be putting a collection box out in the office for people to add their donations, however small. Many thanks in advance.

Martin Luther King Jr: a special kind of hero

In assembly today we discussed Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is the birthday of a very special kind of hero. His name was Martin Luther King Jr. He told people that they should stop the way they were behaving because it was unfair. Although some people do not share his goal or his dream, it has changed life for so many people around the world.

Reaching goals & respect

This term our whole school focus is on reaching goals and respect. Mrs Burton introduced this in assembly. In classes we will be thinking about how we can reach our goals, and what will help us achieve these. Gold credits can be handed out by any member of staff to children showing and demonstrating respect towards others.

Article 29 – Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment.

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Special kind of heroes

Pupils are able to nominate someone that they believe is a special kind of hero at Stockbridge, and explain why they have nominated them. We will be sharing our nominations every week in assembly.

RRS Community Group – Campaign March

Our Rights Respecting Schools community group have been continuing to campaign to ensure that all children within Stockbridge (and the whole school community) are aware of the UN Charter of the Rights of the Child.

They planned an event as part of UNICEF’s OutRight campaign to raise awareness of the Rights of the Child on the Anniversary of the UN charter on 20th November, within the local community.

You may have seen and heard them marching in the cold and rain on Friday morning!. Thank you to Miss Collier and Miss Mistry for organising it, to the children for being so enthusiastic and to all our parent helpers for making it possible.

We were even featured in the Evening News!

Click on this link to see our feature in the Evening News!

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RRS Community Group Meeting – 06.11.15

Pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 7 joined for a Community Group meeting on 6th November 2015. We are participating in the Outright campaign 2015.


OutRight is a special campaign for Rights Respecting Schools that empowers you to speak out about children’s rights and celebrate the anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Malala Yousafzai

  • We learned about Malala who was shot in 2012 by the Taliban for speaking out on girls’ rights to education in Pakistan.
  • She continues to campaign for girls’ education and for peace.
  • P6 went to a pupil premiere on Wednesday and they shared some of their learning with us.

Happy, healthy and safe

  • We discussed and wrote down ideas of what we need to keep us happy, healthy and safe.
  • Together we shared these and decided which ones were wants and needs.

Outright Campaign


We learned about humanitarian emergencies around the world and how they affect children and young people’s rights.

We used photos illustrating humanitarian emergencies around the world to discuss what we could see in the photo and what rights were being affected and denied to children.

We ended our Community Group meeting discussing what we can do to spread the word and join in the Outright campaign. Our aim is to raise our voice and views about the importance of promoting and protecting children’s rights in humanitarian emergencies around the world. We’ll keep you updated!


Community Groups Update 06.11.15

We had our first Community Groups meeting of the Term on Friday 6th November and all children met together for a short Sharing Assembly following this.
The Rights Respecting Schools Group told us about a P6 trip to watch a film about Malala and her struggle to try and ensure equality for girls.
The Eco Committee worked in 3 groups. They were planning and preparing for Switch Off Fortnight which is part of our Energy Month Focus this month, investigating the animals that use our playground and planning
how and where to build Bug Hotels with the RSPB, and surveying our painted playground games, thinking about what they would like repainted.
The Global Giants have set up a food bank to support those in need in the community as well as creating art work to frame and give to local elderly residents to cheer them up and brighten their homes.
The Healthy Heroes were planning the launch of their Fruity Fridays campaign and spent time auditing our Loose Play equipment so that we can plan what to add to it and create activity cards to support their play.
We next meet on 27th November.

RRS Community Group Meeting – 11.09.15

Our Rights Respecting Schools community group have been continuing to campaign to ensure that all children within Stockbridge (and the whole school community) are aware of the UN Charter of the Rights of the Child.



We have been celebrating European Languages Day and Article 30 ‘The right to learn and use their home language’ by finding out about all the lan-guages that are spoken within the school. We have identified 27 languages which are displayed in our entrance hall—if you know of a language which is spoken but not on our display please let us know!