P4 – 7 Sponsored Walk

Some pupils in the village of Mpeni in Malawi currently have to walk 6km to get to school and walk 6km to get back from school every day, as there are not enough classrooms at their local primary school. As such, we have decided to fundraise for additional classrooms. Each class has been participating in fundraising activities throughout the year, and we completed a sponsored walk.

On Wednesday 28th March Primary 4-7  classes completed a 12km sponsored walk. Thank you to Sainsbury’s for donating water and snacks to keep us going.

Thank you to all staff and parent helpers.

Take a look at the route we did twice: once in the morning and once and after lunch

P4 Breakfast Stall

P4 are holding a breakfast stall in aid of Mpeni School, in Malawi.

This Monday to Friday (12-16 March 2018) from 8.30-8.50am in the P4 classroom.

Please bring £1 and choose either hot porridge and topping OR bread and butter and a snack sized piece of fruit (bring your own bowl and spoon and we’ll wash up!).

Younger children can bring their parents.

They will be selling surplus books from the P2/3 book fair and nasturtium seedlings from the Global Giants Group.



Snow school spirit


Due to an amazing turnout from our school community including parents, pupils, staff and local community we will be able to open tomorrow. Everyone helped clear our school grounds by shoveling snow to ensure everyone has safe access to the building. Thank you to everyone that turned out. Fantastic community spirit!



Stockbridge Counts – Combining & partitioning & place value


From Monday 19th February to Thursday 30th March

What will this look like for my child?

Combining & partitioning and place value within Early Level (Nursery and P1, but earlier or later for some)

Make finger patterns:

  • To show numbers 1 to 5 using one hand
  • To show double patterns for 1 to 5 (two hands)
  • To show doubles plus one patterns (two hands e.g. double 3 plus 1)
  • To partition numbers (e.g. “Make 6 on your fingers. Can you make it another way?”)
  • To partition 10 (e.g. 9 fingers up and 1 down shows 9 + 1 = 10

Recognise flashed patterns (domino and random)

  • Explore partitions of numbers through dot patterns

Combining & partitioning and place value within First Level (P2, P3 & P4, but earlier or later for some)

Combining and partitioning

  • Partition numbers up to ten into number bonds (e.g. know that 5 = 1 + 4 and so on)
  • Use number bond knowledge to say what number gets us to/from a decade (e.g. 34 + ? = 40, 54 – ? = 50)

Place value

Split a number containing tens and units

  • In a standard way e.g. (36 is 3 tens and 6 units)
  • In a non-standard way (e.g. 36 is 2 tens and 16 units)

Demonstrate how the value of a digit depends on where it is placed e.g. the 3 in 236 means 3 tens or 30

Split a number into its place value parts e.g. 364 = 300 + 60 + 4 (numbers up to 1000)

Combining & partitioning and place value within Second Level (P5, P6 & P7, but earlier or later for some)

Combining and partitioning

  • Partition 100 (e.g. 23 + ? = 100) to help with percentage calculations
  • Partition 1000

Place value

  • Demonstrate how the value of a digit depends on where it is placed (numbers up to 1 million)
  • Split a number into its place value parts
    • In the range 1 to 1000000
    • For decimals up to 2 decimal places (e.g. 2.5 is 2 and 5 tenths)
  • Split a decimal up in a non-standard way (e.g. 3.2 can be 2 and 12 tenths)

Burns Ceilidh

A massive thank you to the PSA Events team for a wonderfully fun evening with lots of dancing! Thanks also to Ceilidh Kids for keeping us right with the steps. Thanks to everyone that came along and supported the family event.

Burns Assembly



We started our day off being with Mr Whitmore piping in the playground. We then all danced to Strip the Willow with parents and friends cheering and clapping us on. Thanks to Sean from Central DJs for providing speakers to allow us to have a fabulous big ceilidh.


Our Burns assembly

Our Nursery class sang Three Craws.


Primary 1 class sang Katie Bairdie.

Our Primary 1 finalists were: Jonny, Stanley, Freddie and Matilda (absent)


Our Primary 2 finalists were: Anoushka (not photographed) and Jamie

Our Primary 2/3 finalists were: Sonja and Carter


Primary 3 sang a Gaelic song.


Our Primary 3 finalists were: Ronnie and Elian


Some pupils from Primary 4 sang a song.


Our Primary 4 finalists were: Elizabeth and Abigail


Ella (Primary 5) sang Loch Lomond


Our Primary 4/5 finalists were: Rebecca and Sadie


Our Primary 5 finalists were: Olivia and Benjamin


Our Primary 6 finalists were: Flora and Samuel


Calum M (Primary 7) played his violin


Our Primary 7 finalists were: Kirsten and Rosie


Primary 7 have been reading Tam O’Shanter and have written play scripts based on the story. Some Primary 7 pupils acted out Oskar’s play script in our assembly.


The Brett family, Elsa (am nursery), Daphne (P2/3), Benjamin (P5) and Rosie (P7) performed a dance for us.


There was a surprise act was our staff act. They performed two of Rabbie Burns poems.




The winners


A big thank you to Mrs Metcaffe, Mrs Robertson and Mrs Cowie who judged our Scottish recital competition. They had a very tough job!

The winner from the Primary 1 to 3 category was Jamie, Primary 2.

The winner from the Primary 4 and 5 category was Benjamin, Primary 5.


The winner from the Primary 6 and 7 category was Samuel, Primary 6.


We finished off our assembly singing Auld Lang Syne.