P2/3 Book Sale for Mpeni

Primary 2/3 hosted a very succesful book sale today. They did a fantastic job of organising all the donations, making sure they displayed the books and being very enthuastic to all the classes that came to buy books! Thank you to everyone who supported the book sale. All proceeds will be going to our partner school, Mpeni Primary in Malawi.

P5 Mpeni Fundraising


Primary 5 have been creating beautiful calendars from some of their detailed art work. They decided as a class this was how they were going to fundraise for extra classrooms for our partner school, Mpeni Primary. We raised a wonderful £208.50! Well done P5!




Music & Munchies for Mpeni

As you may be aware, Stockbridge Primary School is working hard to raise money to help Mpeni Primary School build new classrooms. Primary 6 and 7 have decided to hold a ‘Music and Munchies for Mpeni.’ On Friday 24th November we will be serving tea and coffee and providing some musical entertainment from 11am to 12.15pm in the school hall. We would like to extend our invitation to all members of the Stockbridge community. If you would like to come along and support this great cause could you please fill in a slip which can be found outside the office detailing how many tickets you would like and the name and class of your child. This can be written on the back of the slips and placed in the box provided.

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Thank-you for all your support and we look forward to seeing you on the day!

Primary 6 and Primary 7

Food 4 Food February 2017

In assembly today we launched our Food 4 Food February campaign for 2017. All proceeds will go to our partner school, Mpeni Primary in Malawi. What treat can you give up to help feed our friends in Malawi?

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Food 4 Food February

Malawi is experiencing famine.

Many of the children are suffering and not attending school as a result.

Every child has the right to food.

Article 24 – Every child has the right to the best possible health. Governments must provide good quality health care, clean water, nutritious food and a clean environment so that children can stay healthy. Richer countries must help poorer countries achieve this.

The famine has been brought about as a result of the floods last January which devastated crops. This also means as they are mainly farmers their income and ability to buy food which has gone up in price is affected.

Please help us by giving up a treat, a chocolate bar, bag of popcorn, meal out etc and donate the money to Mpeni to help buy food for the children.

Mpeni Primary have been visited by a local member of parliament who brought 20 sacks of maize. This is enough to feed 60 children, but the school has almost 400 learners so they need more help.

Mrs Burton will be putting a collection box out in the office for people to add their donations, however small. Many thanks in advance.

Mpeni Update – September 2015

P7 have been thinking about how they would like to support Miss Collier and Mrs Munro’s visit and Mpeni pupils.

They decided they wanted to provide school bags for the children to carry their books as some have a long walk to school everyday. They also want to get pencils and notebooks for the learners. They have hosted a coffee and cake sale on Open Morning/Parent Consultations and organised and ran a Beetle Drive last week. To date they have raised £814.90. Mrs Burton approached SmartSack, the company from whom we buy the SmartSacks we use in P1-P3, who have agreed to provide their SmartSack Scrunch back packs at cost price. Miss Collier and Mrs Munro will take them to Malawi when they go this week.
Earlier this year Mrs Burton applied for a Mini Grant through the Scotland Malawi Partnership on behalf of Mpeni school. Luckily we received a grant for £1,500 as requested. This is enough to build a semi detached residence which will provide homes for 2 more teacher’s at the school.
The money raised by the P1 stall at the Summer Fair (£350) has been sent to Mpeni and has payed for the main administration block to be connected to the electricity supply which means the laptops sent to the school can be used by staff and pupils at the school. They also hope to be able to put on Film nights using a mini projector that James took back with him to help raise further funds for the school. The money was also enough to pay for around 80 fruit tree saplings to be bought and planted at the school and to get support from WESM the Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi to provide ongoing support in the care of the orchard. This will provide an extra source of food and income for the school.
As part of our shared project with Mpeni, our Edible Garden Project is going well. P2 have already harvested potatoes, courgettes, squash and run-ner beans. The Eco Group have just planted some winter vegetables and we have had some apples and redcurrants from our garden.
We are excited to see what we can achieve together next.