Loose Parts Play equipment collection – help needed!

Following lots of hard work by Mr Clark and Mrs Renton our outside shed area has now been shelved and organised to enable the children to access the loose play equipment more independently and safely. We are now ready to start collecting items to add to what we already have.

Please could you help by bringing in any metal cans, only the ones with ring pull lids please for safety reasons. You should wash the cans and remove any labels and leave them in the round blue tub placed in the shelter area.


We will send out requests for other items over the next few weeks to enable us to develop our Outdoor Learning resources further. (You might like to start collecting corks and beer bottle tops!)

Eco Warriors – Term 1

We have carried out our Eco Audit to help us decide what our main focus areas will be this year. They are Energy, Sustaining Our World, Food and the Environment and Litter.

Our Eco Warriors group worked with the RSPB to create a Bug Hotel in the playground and had a new resident checked in within minutes! We have also made bird feeders to encourage the birds to come to the playground.

We also worked on our Stockbridge Eco Code, making a few changes and started developing a rap to remind everyone what we need to do. We will be taking part in the RCHS Daffodil Competition again this session and working with RSPB and Small Steps to reduce our global footprint.


Community Groups Update 06.11.15

We had our first Community Groups meeting of the Term on Friday 6th November and all children met together for a short Sharing Assembly following this.
The Rights Respecting Schools Group told us about a P6 trip to watch a film about Malala and her struggle to try and ensure equality for girls.
The Eco Committee worked in 3 groups. They were planning and preparing for Switch Off Fortnight which is part of our Energy Month Focus this month, investigating the animals that use our playground and planning
how and where to build Bug Hotels with the RSPB, and surveying our painted playground games, thinking about what they would like repainted.
The Global Giants have set up a food bank to support those in need in the community as well as creating art work to frame and give to local elderly residents to cheer them up and brighten their homes.
The Healthy Heroes were planning the launch of their Fruity Fridays campaign and spent time auditing our Loose Play equipment so that we can plan what to add to it and create activity cards to support their play.
We next meet on 27th November.

Eco Warriors News

The Community groups met in September and were involved in carrying out the Eco Schools annual audit to help us identify our Key Target are as for the next year. We have 3 priorities, one of which Eco Schools insist is Litter. Using the evidence from the children’s audit we have decided that Biodiversity and Energy will be the other two.

We have already begun work on our Biodiversity focus. The P6 Eco Warriors went on a Nature Walk along the Water of Leith with a representative of the Water of Leith Conservation Trust. They looked at the designed landscape, the managed landscape and the neglected landscape. We saw lots of areas of neglect and discussed their impact on the biodiversity around the river. When we came back to school we used these same ideas to consider our playground and thought about what we could do to encourage plants and animals in our environment. They led an assembly for the whole school about these ideas.

Mrs Burton met with representatives from Edinburgh Living Landscapes, which is a partnership project between the Scottish Wildlife Trust, City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust, The Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh and Green Surge. Their aim is to create, restore, and connect green areas of the city to make attractive and biodiverse landscapes. They will be supporting our efforts and providing expertise and resources to help us achieve our goal.

November is Energy Month with everyone making a concerted effort to reduce the amount of Energy we waste as well as thinking about how to use energy in a more responsible way.