Primary 7 – Elections

Primary 7 have been learning about the Scottish Parliament this term. As part of their project they have created political party groups. They are running for election on Monday 20th March in front of the school. Each group has a Party Political Broadcast (PPB) which highlights some of their key areas within their manifestos. Each political party will be asked questions by the voters.

Have a look at the Party Political Broadcasts and take part in our poll to let us know who you think you’d like to see in power.

Good luck Primary 7!


Scottish Biodiversity Party (SBP) – Lilla, Olivia and Vera


Scottish Equality Party (SEP) – Jay, Lawrence, Pedro and Thomas

Scottish Environmental Educational Party (SEEP) – Adam, Danny, Finlay CN and Robert


Scottish Fairtrade Party (SFP) – Finlay W, Lachlan, Nicholas and Witek


Scottish Life Party (SLP) – Aimee, Beau, Lexy and Savanna


Scottish Liberal Socalists (SLS) – Daniel, Marcelo, Ross and Sophia