Learning Journals

As you were informed at the start of the year we are using online learning journals to report on the progress of all children this year (Nursery-P7).  Your child’s class teacher has now assessed their targets from September and this can be found on your child’s learning journal alongside a range of observations about their progress and learning.

You can log in to your child’s learning journal through the link on our school website. https://stockbridgeprimaryschool.wordpress.com/   (scroll towards the bottom of the sidebar on the right hand side of the page). If you have forgotten your login details, please check your junk mail prior to contacting the school office for this to be reset.

I am aware that some parents already look at the learning journals regularly but I would encourage all parents to spend some time looking at the learning journal with your child and we would welcome parental comments and feedback on the learning.  Please remember this is not a method to communicate with the class teacher and should you wish to discuss any specific points further you should contact the school office for an appointment.

We would also encourage parents to use this method to share any learning which takes place outwith school (for example-  swimming certificates, learning to ride a bike, caring for a relative …).  You can do this through either writing a parental comment and/or sharing a picture of your child at a club or completing an activity.  Learning is for life – not just at school!

Best wishes,

Faye Calder-Kelly