We need your vote!

There are 11 days of voting left on the Aviva Community fund and Stockbridge Primary is trying to get funding for repainting the lines on the sports courts in the playground.

Voting is simple, free and will take less than 2 minutes and if the project gets enough votes then it will get £1000 of funding to help restore the games area. We currently have just under 400 votes, are based on last year’s success we will likely need around 1000 votes (which is 100 people using their 10 votes each) to be in the top 300 projects which will automatically get their funding.

Please help us by sparing a couple of minutes and voting for us on the following website:


We were successful with our community grant last year which purchased the wooden stage which is in the shelter areas of the playground and would be great for us to have another successful campaign.

You can share the link with friends and family, or if you are on facebook, you can share the link there as well as you don’t have to be from within the parent body to vote and the more people voting, the better chance of success.

Thank you

Amanda Burton