P7 Camp – Day 1 & 2

Primary 7 are spending the week at Benmore camp. We arrived at Benmore very excited about the week ahead. The class have been split into three activity groups: Group 8, Group 9 and Group 10.

Group 8 is Mrs Murrell, Eden, Millie, Holly, Klaudia, Vita, Harris, Wojtek, Daniel, Matas and Ashoka. They spent the morning caving. The group has to climb up a steep hill and spent time in the condensed space within the cave which was challenging!

Group 8 spent the afternoon doing various team activities such as swamp walks, blindfolded balancing beams, working out different solutions to get everyone over a tree and getting people through water and up a mini gorge. They had to demonstrate their trust and leadership skills by working together as a group.

Group 9 is Miss Collier, Jodi, Xanthe, Alice, Sophie, Georgia, Kryspin, Sam, Harry, Don and Andrea. They spent the morning mountain biking. We took turns to lead the group and demonstrate we were responsible and could follow instructions. As a group we navigated through our way through puddles and ups and downs on Puddle Lane. We had a relay race, which was boys vs girls in the end round a fun natural obstacle course. On our bikes we were challenged to go as fast as we could to an end point! There was lots of encouragement and splashing around this morning.
Group 9 spent the afternoon doing a forest walk. They made their way up a gorge, going through tunnels, and making our way up the past trees, twigs and tree roots. We played lots of different games in the forest.

Group 10 is Mrs Clark, Marcia, Anna, Jessica, Betsy, Noah, Zac, Oran, Akshay, Jules and Kyle. They spent the morning doing a forest walk. They made their way up a gorge. They all got very wet going through tunnels and splashing around!

Group 10 spent the afternoon orienteering. They were given different paired challenges navigating and using a map within the surrounding terrain. Some groups found this a bit trickier than others and took a little bit longer to complete!

This evening everyone completed the nightlife challenge. In our groups we had to follow a rope trail in the darkness! To succeed teamwork, communication and trust was key. Well done to all for completing the challenge.