Jambo Ngilai

Please welcome our newest addition to our school community, Ngilai. Ngilai is an oprhaned baby elephant and is looked after by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya.

About Ngilai

Ngilai is a male elephant and was born on 16th February 2015. He was found in the Molore Lorach, Ngilai area- which is where he has got his name from. Ngilai was found aged 3 weeks after being stuck in a well by community members who came to the well to water their livestock.

For more information about Ngilai: Ngilai’s profile

For the map about where Ngilai was found: Where Ngilai was rescued

For the keeper’s diary: Keeper’s diary

Fostering Ngilai

Everyone in Stockbridge Primary community is now a special kind of hero for being involved in fostering Ngilai. Miss Collier went to Kenya over the Christmas holidays and met Ngilai. She fostered him for the school community.


Click here to see our fostering certificate

Pictures of Ngilai – January 2015