Road Safety Week

JRSO – Junior Road Safety Officers

This year our Junior Road Safety Officers are Daniel, Amy and Olivia in Primary 6.

They led a very informative high visibility assembly to the whole school to highlight the importance of ‘Being Bright, Bring Seen and Being Safe’ while travelling to school. Lots of pupils came dressed in brightly coloured clothes for the day and prizes were won by lots of people. It was also the launch of our I-bike project and our I-bike officer Niall spoke to the children to explain what the I-bike project is.

Our bike crew are very enthusiastic and we hope to encourage lots of our pupils to come to school in a more active and healthy way. Our bike crew are Harry, Alice and Harris P7 and Daniel, Amy and Olivia P6.


What is I Bike?

Sustrans’ I Bike project works with schools in Scotland to promote cycling, scooting and walking to school. It is an excellent way to incorporate physical activity into children’s daily routines. The benefits of physical activity include increased alertness in class, improved health and reduced risk of obesity. I Bike aims to increase the number of children travelling actively to school, particularly by bike.

Sustrans employs I Bike Officers who work intensively with up to 10 schools in the first year of the project and up to seven new schools thereafter. These are normally within school clusters. This year Sustrans are working with all schools in the Broughton cluster.

They work with each of their schools to develop a structured programme of cycling related activities including route planning, led rides, themed Bike To School events, bike maintenance sessions, bike clubs and themed assemblies.

Active travel also includes walking and scooting and is great for all ages. It can incorporate healthy exercise into the daily routine, can improve children’s concentration at school and increases independence for older pupils, as well as being a more sustainable way to get around.

Through running a series of fun and inclusive activities, I Bike aims to keep pupils cycling when they move on from Secondary School and to increase the numbers of pupils who want to cycle to school.

For more information about I Bike: