Financial Education Week

The week beginning 23rd November 2015 was our financial education week. All classes have been learning how to manage money. We also all shared our learning in assembly so we could find out what everyone else had been doing.

The nursery made a fruit and vegetable shop so the children experienced roleplay with this. The children looked at coins, and were able to identify some of these using the pictures and numbers on the coins to help them name them.

Primary 1 had a look inside Mrs Hagart’s purse and saw all the different ways we use money. They did rubbings of coins, ordered the value of coins and did role play in their shop.

Primary 1/2 have been identifying coins and laying out pennies for how much a coin is worth.

Primary 2 have been creating their own shop in groups. They had to create a sign for the shop, items to sell and the cost of these.

Primary 3  visited the Museum on the Mound. They explored what money is, what people used as money long ago, how money is made and how to keep money safe.

Primary 4 have been working on their Junior Apprentice task. They have been creating products to sell to raise money for woodlands charities. The class have had to take on different roles, such as quality inspector. They will be selling their products at the Christmas fair and on Friday 18th December.

Primary 5 have been learning about budgets and everyday costs. They created gameboards in groups and enjoyed playing their own and others games.

Primary 6 have been learning how to work in a limited budget. They had to create a menu for Bert and Ada, an retired couple. In pairs P6 had to work out how to provide a healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner for the couple with only £35.


Primary 7 have been learning about money from the 1950’s. In class they identified these coins and worked out their value. The class visited the Museum on the Mound where the pupils roleplayed a 1950’s bank, looked at old coins and discussed ways to keep our money safe. We also had a visit from a tax advisor who explained what tax is, why we have tax and how much tax we pay.